Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Rictus - fixed grin, or grimace!

If Schadenfreude is your idea of a good time ... step right up .. this blog is for you.

In the past couple of weeks my favourite aunt of all time ever died ... I owed her a phone call; she was my link to my father\her brother who died through his own choice nearly 26 years ago. I feel I've now lost two and I don't have Jacqueline to talk to.

My mother struggles through the fog that is Alzheimers; she has good days, and bad. She sometimes is incontinent and rarely tells the truth.

My 61 year old brother-in-law has suffered a massive coronary on Monday just gone - his prognosis is appalling. His son is travelling and, as yet un-locatable. We hope he will be found before the expected unhappy ending.

Chris, the husband, is on a million medications and appeared to be doing better, but today his blood pressure has fallen too low, so may have to come off the medication meant to repair his heart damage. His dangerously irregular heart rhythm cannot be put right unless his heart walls and prolapsed valve can be strengthened. They will not be strengthened without the medication.

DH's DD has been drinking again.

I have been diagnosed with late onset, stress activated asthma - whoop!

However, my garden looks gorgeous - I love late Spring in the UK; my knitting keeps me sane, and my twins, always, are a delight. My daughter is without equal and I would hold her up as a balance to just about all the worlds ills, so blessings I will count, sunshine and flowers I shall enjoy, and love I am sending out to you ... just pass the happiness on and stow the crap. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger - allegedly :)

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