Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Why do I love yarn ... let me count the ways

Yarn loves you to cuddle it, but doesn’t want you to make it tea or beer.
Yarn loves you to wind it around your little fingers.
Yarn is happy if you don’t talk to it.
Yarn is happy if you do talk to it.
Yarn doesn’t create piles of washing.
Yarn doesn’t need feeding.
Yarn likes it if you suddenly pick it up and cuddle it even if it was asleep.
I love yarn.

Yarn is my secret lover and I sneak it into the house when hubby is not watching.
I hide yarn in cupboards all over the house and often go for a secret stroke.
When hubby is out I go and have loving sessions with my yarn.
I love yarn.

I can choose a yarn to match my mood :
- soft silky sensuous
- strong butch and robust
- fine ethereal and elegant
- multicoloured
- deep hued
- pastel
I love yarn.

Yarn never moans when I put it to one side for another.
Yarn always makes me feel welcome when I pick it back up.
Yarn never looks at another Knitter and thinks they could be happier with them
Yarn will wait forever for me.
I love yarn

1 comment:

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

Have you heard about the woman who "married" the Berlin Wall? Be careful! Love the yarn, but don't get tied down ( or up!)

suse LK!

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