Saturday, 4 October 2008

Not going to get rich by knitting!

So, despite not being "normal materials" for a baby jacket, I guess that means it wasn't white and it wasn't acrylic .. they awarded me a first - Woo Hoo. I won, now hold on to your seats here (and notice I've not issued my address in fear of muggings or beggins letters) the princely sum of 60p ... I guess that may be about $1 ... so I am not about to go buy the champagne just yet!
In the early summer I entered my Alan Dart, Tooth Trader fairy, who whilst lovely apparently was "too thin". Anorexia hits the knitted toy scene and is booted into the sin bin! She won second, so hurrah, the jacket "done good".
Meanwhile, back on the needles, one half of a skein of Colinette Jitterbug (lapis) has morphed into a sock. This was going to be a present for DH, but as it was the first foot wear, excluding baby booties, that I have ever attempted, I decided to make DH try on the first, before I went for the match.
Yey hey, success, he loves it, it fits, I'm happy!
Well ... and sad (as the surprise element is now ruined) as I now have to think up a further surprise Christmas knit for dearest beloved.
Meanwhile in the backwater, a Christmas draw has taken place and I, fortunately, have pulled someone whose tastes I know ... so have great ideas. She is a little bit goth/emo .. no matter her age ... so I am thinking a knitting bag with goth imagery and lining ... bear with me on this one and I shall consolidate my plans and let you know ... but you are SWORN to secrecy :-)
Meanwhile ... still planning on how to spend all my decadent winnings!!
Night night sleep tight and enjoy the rest of your weekend
PS Thursday, field mushrooms stuffed with welsh rarebit; Friday - slow braised lamb shanks with red wine and sun dried tomatoes; tonight Carbonnare de boeff (my spelling is really nowhere as good as the cooking!). 65 days and no repeats !!


Rosie said...

Congratualtions! 60p! That's, er, priceless. And I love the yarns you used. Which show is it?

cookknitwine said...

Hi Rosie ... I guess you want to know which show because you are tempted by the value of the prizes :)
It's just the local village show (Barrow near Bury) and I like to support it.
Thanks, as usual, for your kind remarks.

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

well ayt least your a success! some people struggle to break into the magic circle check out
the way of all flesh


it seems that you are leading the charge for 21st century knitters!!well done!

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