Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Knit, knit, forget the stress

Yesterday I took the day off - didn't knit, not one stitch.

I did play with my yarn, play with my patterns, print out new patterns and buy more yarn on ebay (honestly if I could source illegal drugs on there instead of yarn I'd probably spend less - well way less actually as I'm quite happy with the legal drug that is alcohol, but what I mean is I think yarn buying is way way way more addictive!!) but I didn't knit.

Today I had a whole day with MadMother, so tonight the knitting demon is back ... it whispers in my ear " knit, knit, forget the stress ... faster, faster, forget the stress .... more, more ..." well, you get the picture.

She had fallen over again, so today she turned up with a black eye (not that is necessarily a sign of madness, more of which in a moment) a badly cut forehead and bruising to her cheek. Honestly people have come out of boxing with Mohammed Ali or Smoking Joe and looked better. I worry, but as yet she wont have help, won't move closer and is stubborn as hell. "Knit knit ...."

As for the black eye comment, I forgot to say that last week, during the need to push the knitting beyond human endurance, I felt the need to pay lip service to the housework. So, vacuum cleaner in one hand, damp kitchen towel in another, and knitting sitting in the chair calling out to me like a sad baby ..." mommy come back" I was supercharged with the cleaner, then using my foot to press the button to rewind the power cable into the cleaner, whilst at the same time just mopping up a blob on the floor (probably coffee) the plug maliciously thwacked me - extremely hard - on the eye socket. One of the prongs cut the corner of the eye, whilst the rest of the plug gave me a lump and a technicolour bruise that would out do those adorning hardened scrappers! As you do, I kicked the cleaner ... didn't help much!

Back to MM, she was ok today, except for the fact that she couldn't find anything she wanted to buy while we were at the shops. So, the conversation went something along the lines of:

"Bread" "Got it", "Vegetables" "Got plenty", "Cat food" "plenty", "Cleaning materials" "plenty" ... and so on.

However, the minute I got her home she was desperate for a new loo brush (True I didn't mention that one), a long life light bulb (ditto) and a fuse for a plug .... Oh for goodness sake, just shoot me.

Actually, today was really a good day, and she wasn't too repetitive ... so the stress could be worse. However, having said that, the sock I am knitting tonight is sitting on the sofa behind me calling me .... "Come back, we can work together on your stress, pick me up, knit me ... feel the softness of the yarn" So, much as I love you all ... I'm off to sit with my knitting - we need each other!

1 comment:

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

did MM notice your black eye? she probably thinks that you're the dangerous one!

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