Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Say hi to the pretty things

Well, not difficult to tell where I was when I found this pair ... but they hadn't seen any yarn  shops and despite a perfect place to stash a project, they didn't seem to have any work in progress ...

And although hard to see, Koala is there, sleeping in the tree, so no socks or sweaters there either ...

The ibis were happy
 playing and paddling ... no knitting ...

The lizard was just catching the rays ...

The brush turkey (AKA bush turkey) was very happy ... a protected species and allowed to wander without fear of cranberry sauce ... but definitely not a yarn addict

 And a pair of homo barbequiens laetus maritum novitor (thank god there are no romans around to criticise my awful latin!) ... who were so busy with each other, being married and cooking breakfast that they had no time for knitting and are now convinced knitting is something you do when deprived of a partner and conjugal rights .. (actually let's not even go there!).

So that left me ... knitting and photographing all the amazing wild life that just wanders ... no zoo just out there.  Of course I did do a little surfing (yay dude get me!!) and sailing, swimming and walking .... but when I got a little bit in need of something to be nice to me I got out my silk and merino!

I'd go back in a heartbeat ... but the knitting comes too!


knitternicky said...

Hi pretty things, you are soo cute!!
The local wildlife looks wonderful, especially love the very common sight of lovebirds preparing lunch on the barbie!!
I very much doubt that Austrialians would get as much of a kick looking at hedgehogs etc as we do at their native wildlife.
Lovely pics Chris.x

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

there is wool in Oz, that's where most of it is grown!
looks like a fab place though- I'd go in a shot too

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