Sunday, 18 July 2010

Train wreck

When I was a kid and I went to the pictures (ok, movies or the cinema to those from a different culture or era) you knew something bad was gonna happen when the train was just chugging along smoothly ... before the bridge; before a crash, before a person strapped to the rails!

My life has been that serene train, before the huge issues: I've been chugging along, breezing over the weeds, avoiding leaves on the line, not killing\maiming\injuring the local wildlife - just chug, chug, chugging.

This last 18 months has been the finale, the wreck, the crash, the bridge explosion, the carriage upon carriage upon carriage concertina of destruction!

If I repeat the litany of events, it will seem Hollywood train crash - but here it goes, chug chug:
Madmother's decline; DH's daughter's alcoholism; Madmother's hip breaking accident; DH's daughter's pregnancy; chug chug; Madmother's increasing Alzheimers; DH's DD's attendance at intervention and AA meetings from her third trimester; Mum's slide into day care; DH's granddaughter born - Georgia (who seems AS free); DH's increasing indigestion problems, which weren't, metamorphosizing into Atrial Fibrillation, Mitral Valve prolapse and weak heart muscle issues; Madmother's increasing faecal incontinence (which she pretends doesn't exist); chug chug; brother-in-law's death from a heart attack at 61; his partner's stroke at the funeral; his partner's brother's death just 10 days later from an epileptic seizure; chug chug; DH's DD's partner has been identified as the father of a child by DNA testing, DH's DD and partner pay the CSA maintenance but ignore the paternity and the child, who apparently is "accident prone" and a regular visitor to the local A&E; chug chug; DH's meds give him dreadfully low blood pressure, affecting all manner of things from fatigue, to dizziness to more personal, body functional issues; chug chug; I have been diagnosed with late onset asthma and a stress related blood pressure issue; I have too much on plate after coping with housework, gardening and Madmother to go to knit night; chug chug; my DS is worried about how I will cope with his gorgeous beautiful twin daughters, he's hesitant about me having the girls to stay this summer ... bridge down, carriage after carriage collapse with me into the ravine ...

Dearest darling daughter is there to pour the water between my lips, to whisper words of encouragement, but I fear I am tied to the tracks and the next trainload of problems is just around the bend, chug chug, chug chug, chug chug


Cybèle said...

O Chris, you do have a lot on your plate. Sometimes it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel isn't it. Is your son's concern for you or for his daughters? (both understandable really). It sounds like they could be the antidote you need to all that's going on. I'm working a little less over the summer holidays, to fit in with the kids - I might have them with me but maybe we can try and catch up?

suse-the-slow-knitta & Baldyboi said...

those beautiful girls could be just the tonic you need, hope something is sorted out soon

Sheila said...

Hi Chris, I haven't been in to visit ur blog or anyother blogs in awhile, but I do agree with Cybele there is a light at the end of the tunnel,I will remember you in my prayers and I pray that everything will sort itself out very very soon
loads of ))))))hugs((((((

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