Tuesday, 1 May 2012


It was a week of contrasts, and summed up by a photograph

or two

A niece died, unexpectedly.  She had cancer, but seemed stable.  She went into hospital to have her medications balanced and died that night.  Her lungs filled with fluid suddenly and her body shut down.  She was in her early 40s.

And the good news?  Well, there has been rain ... a lot of it.  Which usually is bad news, and wasn't the nicest of weather to live through, but at least the irony of a hosepipe ban after the wettest April on record has left me smiling.  And there was a rainbow over my garden.

Mum went for some tests, and is going for more.  Not bad news, so that's good news really.

My new car arrived and looks lovely ... should I post a picture?  Next time perhaps.  The rainbow is beauty enough ...

Meanwhile knitting continues (and sanity remains), perhaps good things are on the horizon ...  so the triteness of living through rain  to sunshine heralded by a rainbow is cringe-worthy, but I'm not too cool to hope.

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