Thursday, 15 May 2008

Favourite swearword now worn out ...

It was all downhill, I had finished the RHfront, LHfront, back, sleeves, knitted up the button bands .... next step the 3 needle bind off. Now if you're from the UK there are some new terms to learn when you knit a US pattern.

1. Bind off = Cast off (not so difficult). The 3 needle version does a lovely little trick whereby you knit 2 separate needles of stitches as one, with the 3rd needle. Absolutely beautiful finish! Amazing.
2. Frog - this means undo what you have done; basically "ripit ripit" ... ho ho. When you have finished admiring the 3 needle cast (whoops) bind off, you notice you have affixed the wrong side to the back - hence the button band now hangs rather nattily under the armpit. Useful!
3. Tink - this is undoing your knitting stitch by stitch (indeed, it is knit backwards, double ho ho ho)

So, am now in joyous position of Frogging and Tinking, so I can get back to where I was at 3pm this afternoon. I know what it was ... excitement .... Was hoping to post an FO, was desperate to start queued sideways jacket - worse was hoping to flounce around in it tomorrow, taking photos and feeling fulfilled. So last use of favourite swearword before I go have a glass of red to drown my sorrows - Bullocks!

Happy knitting xx

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