Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Star Signs, knitting styles and random nonsense

So, in passing within another comment, my mind wandered to astrological styles ... I'm Aries and a fire sign, full of energy at the start, impatient, energetic, vibrant, but hate the long slow finish ... which pretty much describes my passion for the start, and away gallop of a new project - I have a love of the innovative and exciting yarns. I guess perhaps earth signs (Taurus, etc) take things more steadily but have a love of the luxury yarns, but will ensure that if they buy them then they use them.

The air signs (gemini, etc) are perfect sock folk, love the sociability of knitting and a love of smaller, transient, beautiful, but perhaps less enduring projects, and have an affinity for the light fluffy mohair yarns. Meanwhile the water signs are more varied, from Cancerians who love their homes and families, so are the perfect knitters and will knit to prove their love for home and family, to Aquarians, who are creative, but don't necessarily need to finish something - the attraction is in the creativity. They have a raport with aran, the original fishermans wool, and anything with a soft silky fluid feel - I'm sure bamboo and silk will respond to their soft harmonious flow.

Fire signs should use the primary and cardinal colours - red is so good for them. The earth signs will have a raport with natural earthy colours, greens, browns, and wheat. Air can cope with the colour of clouds, whites, greys, and sunrise golds; whilst Aquarians love water linked colours - blues, turquoise, and aqua (of course!!)

Tell me who you are, what your star sign is, and what you love to knit or knit with ... we'll see if all this adds up!

Happy knitting


Rosie said...

I'm a Scorpio who loves earth colours... I do go for reds, but only of the darker, sludgier kind (berry colours, pruplish reds etc) and I adore lime green!

Oh, and I'm hugely impatient and wuick to give up on things that aren't working out...

n said...

Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp, Gemini rising (apparently). Love socks, bright colours, variegated yarns; generally not a fan of pastels for myself, though they're pretty on others and some are just soooooo tempting. Am mostly playing with cheapo acrylics at the moment, but just bought a small amount of silk in a shop just outside BSE, but am saving it for that elusive Glorious Special Project (probably Bellocq stockings or something of the sort). Thoughts?

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