Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Banished for being unsexy

Oh dear

My darling Pearl, knitted mouse with demure but twinkling eyes and thunder thighs so appealling to those of a rodent persuasion (or indeed many human rats too) has been discarded.

She has elasticated panties, which do come off when the mood is sophisticated enough, a hoop to make men jump through and a je ne sais quoi bow on her slightly tilted, just so, come and get me head.

Today however I got this email -

Hi Chris-
I am writing you to let you know that we have removed two of your projects (Nit Wun, Ringmaster & Pearl) from the Sexy Knitter’s Club group page. We appreciate your enthusiasm in sharing your projects with the group however, we feel we need to be a little more discriminating regarding which projects appear on the group’s page. Our group page reflects what the SKC is about and is the face we present to Ravelry so it needs to represent sexy knitting as accurately as possible. Please help us with our goal by considering this when adding future projects. If you have any questions you can read more about this on the group page (thread titled Announcement - Group Project Page) or you may contact either me or our other mod rchrispy. Thank you!
Happy knitting, Maryanne

I guess Maryanne doesn't have a thing for rodents - me I kind of love the old roue rat thing. Even Nit Wun was given a genuine, old style baddy type twirly moustache. Had I known that things were not spicy enough I could have tied dear Pearl to a railway line and had Nit Wun pose with a "give me your virginity or die" caption coming out of his mouth!

Sad isn't it when sexyness comes policed as hotly as old Mary Whitehouse used to ... just slightly from the other side!

PS if you want to see the offending, and obviously unsexy, Pearl link is here:-


PPS - Bet she never checked down Nit Wuns trousers either!!


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

well, I think she has a come hither look! Sexiness is in the eye of the beholder anyway.. ;-)

Rosie said...

Knit that bondage mouse (think it is meant to be an escapologist, but just rename the project)and make them eat their words! Or maybe you could claim to be one of a discerning band of rodent fetishists (then again, perhaps that would be a step too far!)

Monty said...

Rasp to them, she's great

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