Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Just a touch obsesssssssive

Well, enough is enough, so I waited until hubby was out then I grabbed yarn from all the little secret places and decided to organise.
He's gone to golf, which takes at least 5 hours, including the quick beer at the end ..
I have been getting increasingly more panicky (being slightly of the OCD persuasion) that things were spiralling out of control ... so into a big heap it went. Then, with due credit given to ThatLoganGirl's most awesomely inspiring stash, I decided to sort ...
All yarns were firstly bagged and sealed, then it was sorted into "weight" piles - chunky, aran, dk etc. Missing photo's were taken for stash data on Ravely (and I confess to not unbagging them having just finished sealing them all! ). I made two separate bags for charity/toy knitting - one in DK and one in 3ply/fingering weights.
Finally each weight was given its own shelf or shelves and stacked .... are you ready for this ... alphabetically.
Here I wanted to show you photos of results ... but blog is hanging ... so will move on from here to second blog, which is better than throwing keyboard through screen!

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