Tuesday, 27 January 2009

New hearing aid

So I took mad Mother to audiology clinic today; we went several weeks ago when they retested her hearing (no, it has not magically got better despite her belief that eye drops have cured her) and they fitted her for a new hearing aid.  Her last one was big, cumbersome, that awful greige colour plastic and whistled whenever she passed by audio equipment. 

After sitting, knitting, whilst waiting for a very long time ( buttercup cardigan in pale sunshine yellow, of which I have to knit two as they will be easter gifts for gorgeous girls) MM emerged.  I was ready to fight at this point, as I thought she was without hearing aid; how extraordinary - she had been fitted with, and was wearing, a tiny discrete, fully working hearing aid.  All the way home she was whispering (she could now hear herself) and moaned about the noise the indicators made.

Once home, she turned her TV on ... and nearly wet herself.  The volume was set at 88, which she quickly lowered to 34, and was horrified at the thought of what her neighbours must have been enduring.  I shall go to hell, without stopping and without passing go:  I have told her she will save electricity if she has the volume down ... she is a "frugal" person.  She may just wear this hearing aid!

Meanwhile it will be her 80th birthday in early May, and two of her daughters (me excluded) are "stepping up to the mark" and vying for the best "party" scenario.  Me, I think we should ask her ... but hey I could be wrong, perhaps after all this time she may develop a liking for surprises!

Gung Hay Fat Choy  and don't for get your red underwear, apparently it's lucky at the start of the new year - worked for me, MM now wearing hearing aid!!!

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