Thursday, 22 January 2009

Where did I put ....

 Where, oh where, did I put November and December and, come to that, 75% of January?

Well, I did put a lot of it into knitting a veritable multitude of Christmas presents ... there were:

9 scarves (DD, SDD, DDIL, DGD1, DGD2, Friend Treez, Friend Hils, MM and one sis) 

3 pairs of socks (DD x 2 and DH)

2 jumpers both for DD - one completely of my own design and one from DB Stella

1 jumper (in 4 ply might I add) for DH - why I would knit in cashmere 4 ply for a 42 inch chest is beyond comprehension.

14 egg cosies - 9 from Debbie Bliss magazine and then one chicken, one teddy, one rabbit, a cup cake and a marmalade cat

One bag with goth skull and cross bones one side and a pretty cat among the flowers on the other (I called it the mood bag ... the dear friend it was for could display a side appropriate to her mood and her DH would then know whether he was safe or he should adios himself!)

After Christmas I started on an alpaca cardigan for me (Honey from Nectar), a fluffy mohair mix cardigan for MM, another egg cosy as part of a birthday present for sister and then, in between, made a couple of pirate costumes, and nurtured my MM after her cat had to go to upstairs to meet ceiling cat.

Meanwhile, as a present to myself, I took up a subscription for some Sundara yarns ... the debit has been going out a while now and today, YES!! the most gorgeous Aran Silky Merino in Black over Violet arrived courtesy of a USPS box, which I ripped open with indecent haste and then spent the next hour just touching, swooning, stroking, photographing and trying not to droole over the four precious skeins. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Off now to research how best to put this itty bitty piece of heaven to best use, although I fear I may well keep it for a while as a stash slave!

PS Pirate dude with drink about is Shiver me timbers Yo Ho Ho pirate DH!

Missed you ... sending hugs


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

you have made some seriously gorgeous stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris.

Love all the things you have made. tried out the scarf pattern and enjoyed making them. Mum even had a go!

Just found your blog again so am catching up!

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