Thursday, 22 January 2009

So ... nothing for ages ...

Then two come along at once!

Here is my newest friend, MA.  I bought her from a couple of lovely ladies whose mother had owned this.  They showed me photos of their mother, Mavis, using the wheel and chair at craft fairs .. she looked very happy.  So, as it is an Ashford my lovely new friend is now named Mavis Ashford, or Ma.  She and I are still becoming acquainted, but she is more forgiving that I of my fingers and thumbs. My spinning thus far would have to be classed as less than rustic!

Meanwhile ... back to the pirate costumes, they were for my nephew's 18th birthday party ... and here is the dread pirate CookknitWine with sabre at action stations.  Possibly just a touch heavier on the old eye make up than usual but fortunately the image is too small to see the full extent of my excesses.

I'm not sure where I thought my life would lead ... but I don't recall imagining spinning wheels and piracy!


1 comment:

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

Avast me hearties!

Sorry, got carried away there! You were a more glamourous pirate than I was on New Years Eve, I love the gold coat.

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