Sunday, 8 February 2009

Cables and florals

The snow fell heavily for 5 days, this is rural England, not Canada, not Norway, not Finland, nor Russia.  England does rain (often), from damp drizzle to lashing stinging wet stuff.  It does winds, and mists, sunshine (very occasionally) and even sleet.  We don't get persistant, long lasting, lingering white stuff!  But we did ...

 The wildlife could not understand what was going on, the pheasants came in greater numbers; at one time we had about 10 desperately scratching and calling to the birds on the bird table above "Hey buddy, throw us a crumb".

We had deer, timid and scared during the day ... but hey they ran around like it was a school play yard at night ...

 Can you see the hoof prints ... that's the same snow today, 6 days.  Is the Gulf stream still there just off our shores?

I have taken heaps of photos, cooked warming, comforting dishes and had the heating on during the day!  I've stoked up a large log fire and it has all been rather lovely - unless of course I want to drive anywhere.

Still it's been great weather for sitting in and knitting.  There is something almost zen like about knitting while white stuff swirls and billows around the windows.  Very soothing.  I shall worry about my waistline any second now!

 Meanwhile, DD finally managed to get me a photo of the DB cable cap cardi (Alexa) I knitted for her in Stella.  As you can see, she is freezing her bits off in a car park ... but she and it look lovely (IMHO)
 She actually has her car keys in her hand, ready to spring into her car once the photo shoot was done!
 When I've not been knitting I've been tweeting ... it's just a touch quicker than blogging, and the limited character spaces make the comments sharper and shorter!
Finally I am making two of these ... one with ladybug\ladybird buttons and one with bumble bee buttons.  This one is just drying after a wash ... I will block it out when it is a bit dryer.  It's a sirdar pattern and it's turned out quite well.  I thought they would make lovely spring time gifts - I wasn't expecting an ice age!

Of course they are for the lovely E&B, who will be coming for a couple of days at the end of the week!

The good news is ... more snow is on its way!  

Wherever you are and whatever your weather .. keep warm and happy

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Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

what beautiful cardis! well done

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