Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Still falls the silence

So, quiet as a snowfall, the house settles down.  The raucus rumpus rumbustuousness of twins is now an echo between quiet walls, the maniacal madness of madcap kittens now just a ghost and life reverts to a spin cycle of washing and a turning-over tumble of housework and cooking.
I can have a glass of wine, without worrying I might sleep through a call in the night; I can knit with complete freedom from the fear that the kitties might drag my soft luxurious yarn around the kitchen like kill being dragged behind a chariot.  Should be peaceful and tranquil, sadly it just seems lonely and boring.
Meanwhile on an up up and away note, I have booked myself flight tickets to go see my lovely sister get married in oz.  She is now 55, never been married, and has no giver away to stand up for her ... my dear Dad long departed to visit other worlds, missed desperately since 1984.  So, in one of those linking moments I depart to visit her on 1st April - DearDad's birthday.  I'll fly and stand beside her, I'll knit her a keepsake or two and I'll be sending virtual postcards via the vibrant Aussie blue sky - however, I shall also take my camera and lap top, so I can sit in the long blue-green grass and send email postcards from the sedge.  ( I liked that pun :0 )

Off to listen to haunting poignant music ... and I may just have that glass of wine.  Keep well

1 comment:

Sheila said...

after all the mayhem of snow and the twins, it would feel lonely and boring, but you have your sister's wedding to look forward to and with the months flying in so fast April will be here soon, yes it's a bit sad that your dad won't be there to walk her down aisle, but he will be there in spirit, have you seen the lovely wedding knit's in this months simply knitting all to do with weddings, nice keepsakes...
hugs sheila xx

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