Sunday, 22 February 2009

Trouble comes in two by two

So the snow stayed ... 15 days in all.  

The twins
 came and stayed and played, on the bridge,

in the veg garden, with tigger

in the woodland

and they had snowball fights and

they built a snowman (with tigger) ... then they went home ..........

Then the kitties came to stay

The kitties are lovely ... also twins ... also a handful.  DDaughter and OH went to Oslo (more snow!)

And we kittie sat.  But the kitties were bad little kitties and ran and jumped in my den

which used to look like this ... but they jumped on the shelf and sat on the books ... and the whole lot came tumbling down:-  Kitties, books, miscellany, not only that, but my glass pen holder was shattered, and we were very lucky that kitties weren't hurt and no poo hit the fan or the floor.

So, once kitties went home, I swept and picked up, replastered the wall, oh yes!, then repainted (because plaster is pink and the walls were blue).  Now that corner is all neat and efficient and looks like this. :-

So neat .. so tidy ... such a lot of knitting time spent organising!!!

Meanwhile (and this bit is a secret) my sister in Oz is getting married ... 


I have been looking into flights, and I may just be in the land downunder in April, woohoo and no blooming snow!!

Enjoy the first inklings of spring sunshine!

1 comment:

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

the girls had soooo much fun in the snow!

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