Monday, 16 March 2009

Arggh ... now what do I do

This is what my dear sister has decided to wear for her wedding - now there is no doubt that she will look lovely and it will suit her. There is absolutely no doubt that it is perfect for the "midsummer, dreamy, fantasy" type wedding theme she has as her goal.

Question is fans ... Do I remake bride's dress in burgundy????

Or, perhaps, I could just buy some burgundy satin and make an overdress ...


Meanwhile, I now have to find something floaty and dreamy to wear to wedding. Actually make that floaty, dreamy and happy. Well, when texting her she said she was going with the dreamy fantasy idea and would be barefoot. When she wanted to know what I was wearing I replied "would find something from the closet that was dreamy and happy
to go barefoot." Texting being what it is ... she thought the outfit would be dreamy and happy, which it will of course!
Less than 15 days and counting ... and woo my birthday in 11 days and Suse's in less than 14!!! Actually is Sis's in 5 days on 21st ... so lovely trifecta!

Advice on bride outfit welcomed!!!!!

1 comment:

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

have you time to reknit the dress in Burgundy?
dreamy outfits? my cotton pajamas! not suitable for a wedding though..

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