Sunday, 15 March 2009

Not a bad weekend really

Well, the title of my blog is clear ... not a huge sports fan then! However, the weekend has passed like an oval between the England front line ... pretty smoothly actually, despite the sport.

On Saturday the Pool made a challenge for the League title and rattled purple nose's cage. In case that sounds cryptic I'm quoting words from those in the know. Basically it means Liverpool stuffed Manchester United at home, in front of the home crowd, 1-4. Purple nose, rather aptly, is Ferguson's nickname. Made me smile.
Arsenal won and Chelsea won, so purple nose is apparently also turning into Captain Scarlet.

Meanwhile, DD took her lovely BF to Twickenham for his 25th birthday ... today. Wonderful England managed to etofe a lot of scores against France into 80 minutes, and gave the birthday boy a victory to watch.

The strange lump on my leg is down but not defeated by the ABs; it's now only 15 days before I fly to Oz; the bride is sewn the groom is not ... and we had slow roasted 5 spice chinese pork for dinner. The garden calls and I must sew more veg seeds before I fly. Meanwhile, a return trip to the GP is called for if my leg falls off or the ABs haven't cured the ickiness after 7 days (whichever comes first). Next weekend is Mother's day and the Friday after that is my birthday. Don't you love spring, everything happens at once.

Keep well and sending hugs

1 comment:

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

how funny! Your birthday is the 27th and mine is the 30th!

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