Saturday, 28 March 2009

Bride Groom and Bat-eared Bunny

So, at last, the groom is sewn and stuffed.  He has a goatee, like the real groom and the hair colour match is pretty realistic! 

He has a teeny tiny cravat pin, wing collar on his shirt and a flower matching the ones in the brides bouquet ... aren't they dapper!

 I just hope the real groom will be as protective of my sister, the bride, as this groom is of his.

Meanwhile, I have been celebrating my birthday, perhaps with a little more fervour and champagne than government guidelines suggest is good for me; but hey it was good quality champagne, it lasted all day and it made me happy.  And, lovely as it was, it's not going to be repeated for a bit of a while :(

One special gift was from a dear friend, who crocheted me a lovely hug ...

 a warm snuggly, merino cosy, beautifully made, with love, care and thought ... how nice is that!

Meanwhile, my first ever spinning to knitting project was a success ... ok only rabbit size ... but the sweater looks good.  Next time I may try for something larger than hand sized!

And here is chocolate bunny wearing the sweater ... it's not the best photo ever, but sadly I didn't check before BatBunny went to live with DD ...

Finally it's only 3 days until I fly out to Oz ... I haven't packed, or made a list.  I haven't decided what I'll wear ... but I did finish my knitting!!

Keep safe

1 comment:

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

the groom looks fab! well done! I'm impressed with your knitting from your handspun, my drop spindle is still hiding in the cupboard!

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